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STX Minnesota Shootout Scoring & Rules


The STX MN Shootout will follow US Lacrosse “Official Rules for girls’/ boys and women’s lacrosse” with modifications based on “US Lacrosse Youth Rules and Best Practices: and US Lacrosse Tournament Standards and the following modifications: Due to the running clock, A GAME/HALF MAY NOT END ON A DEFENSIVE PENALTY. In the event of a defensive penalty within the CSA resulting in an expired clock, play will resume on the officials whistle. Trail Official will count :03 Seconds of play from point of Free Position at the whistle. During the :03 seconds, regular game rules exist, including the potential for another defensive foul, pass, a shot or a goal. All goal calls are final.



  • Coaches must check in at event registration head quarters before there 1st game.
  • Team Coaches will need to turn in Health Screening form each day before contests.
  • All waivers must match your roster. (ENFORCED!) No player can be on two rosters within the tournament or team will forfeit the game.
  • USL memberships for coaches and players are required. (ENFORCED!)
  • Coaches and players who do not have a valid USL membership MUST join at time of team registration/ check in.

Teams found participating with illegal players (by age or by incorrect rosters) may be asked to leave the tournament.


GOALIES: If for any reason a team needs to borrow a goalie due to sickness and or injury they CAN find a substitute but that PLAYER must be registered within the STX Tournament. 


Pool Play Games

  • Running time 25 Half 50 min Game
  • Central Horn
  • 5 min half time
  • Yellow card times will be kept on the field by Official or Teams head coach
  • Head coach of each team responsible for flipping the Score Chart after there TEAM scores
  • Winning Team Head coach will Text (612)709-1020 final score after completion of game

    Championship and Consolation Games

  • 2–25 minute halves or 4 - 12 minute quarters (boys)
  • 5 minute halftime
  • Running time – except time out
  • 1 one minute time out per game per team - time runs
  • Overtime: Go immediately to a sudden victory! 1st team to score wins
  • Yellow card times will be kept on the field by the official or Team that recieves card


  • Win = 3 Points
  • Tie = 1 Points
  • Loss = 0 Points

Rule Specifications – 2020 USL Rules

  • Transitional checking at 14U  Full Checking U15 and U19 levels 
  • YOUTH SPECIFIC U11 & U13 Youth rules and 10U boys.
    –    Games will be full-field EXCEPT U11 and 10U boys and teams will follow modified checking rules.
  • Only 3 PLAYERS from each team allowed between the restraining lines for the draw
  • 2 yellow cards for 1 player – player out remainder of THAT game but may play the next game
  • Releasable penalty: A player receiving a yellow card will be suspended from play for 2 minutes. She must serve her time kneeling in the substitution box. Cards are NON- Releasable
  • A player or coach receiving 2 yellow cards in a single game is out for the remainder of that game. The player/coach who received 2 yellow cards will be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game.
  • Red card for 1 player – player out remainder of THAT game, Head Official and field official and Tournament Director will determine if the player will be allowed to play any remaining games.
  • If a team accumulates 4 or more cards in a game they WILL play a player down the remainder of the game.
  • If horn sounds at the end of time and a free position is being awarded in the critical scoring area – the game will continue until the scoring play is over.
  • Purple cards will be in effect and awarded to anyone whose behavior does not reflect the “spirit of the game”. Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • A player/coach who is ejected for a violent conduct or serious foul play, RED CARD, will not be allowed to play in the next game and may be subject to tournament suspension. Any player or coach who assaults another will be expelled from the tournament and law enforcement may be used. Ejections are determined by the referees; expulsions by the tournament director.

Due to the extreme heat this summer, we will incorporate a 1 minute water break each half. This is not intended for coaching, this is so the players can stop and stay hydrated.  The field manager will alert the officials approximately 10 minutes into each half, it will be up to the officials to deem an appropriate time to take a water break.
–    Youth games: Officials may elect to add a 2nd water break in each half based on weather conditions.

Tie Breaker

  • Win/Loss Record (Points)
  • Head to Head in Pool Play
  • Goals Differential
  • Goal Allowed
  • Coin toss if two team, and pick from a hat if 3+

Teams failing to report to assigned games/field within 3 minutes of the scheduled time will forfeit that game. It will appear as a 1-0. If the team comes late, both teams may opt to play the remainder of the scheduled game. Officials must be present.


Club team directors  may report disputes to the event directors. All disputes will be settled by the event Director(s) or his/her designee. Game appeals may only be submitted on the misapplication of rules. Judgment calls, including goal timing, is not a misapplication of the rules and therefore may not be challenged. The Event Director’s ruling will be final.